AudioUnites is Community Media Corridor to promote independent community media. We enable community media groups or even individulas to run a internet radio station  and maintain streaming infrastructure. AudioUnites is also a place for community media networking. Here you can meet other practitioners of community media, share experiences and your work, post your requirements, find jobs and also share content.

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Radio Nomad E-mail

Radio Nomad brings some of the most striking sufi music from the subcontinent.

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Radio Nagar E-mail

Radio Nagar is the first community radio run by and for commercial sex workers in Ahmednagar,  Maharashtra.

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Radio Nazariya E-mail

Ahmedabad based Radio Nazariya brings issues of Urban Poor in most interesting manner

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Gurgaon Ki Awaz E-mail

Gurgaon Ki Awaz is a community radio station in Gurgaon that addresses the needs of the hundreds of villages, semi-urban clusters, and urban slums that fall within a 10-km radius around Udyog Vihar.

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