AudioUnites is Community Media Corridor to promote independent community media. We enable community media groups or even individulas to run a internet radio station  and maintain streaming infrastructure. AudioUnites is also a place for community media networking. Here you can meet other practitioners of community media, share experiences and your work, post your requirements, find jobs and also share content.


A Community Media Corridor

Even as digitalization is sweeping the media-scape, community media continues to be restricted by the regulatory regim. The slow pace of the people's media movement has made it necessary for the communities to relocate it in a relatively non-regulatory space. An urgent need has been felt for the community media to expand its horizon and take determined steps towards convergence of media in its digital domain. From Airwaves to mobile telephony and streaming audio, civil society groups need to reclaim its space before it gets occupied by the world of mindless capital.

As a small initiative towards consolidating and channelising community media movement, Nomad India Network in collaboration with Voices, Drishti and Gramvaani has launched a Community Media Corridor under the name Audiounites. The corridors aims to provide much needed unregulated avenue for the community media enthusiats to broadcast. We expect the corridor to be a recognised space to scan through the diverse community media and India and South Asia.

The project involves creating and maintaining a digital streaming infrastructure for independent media emanating from community groups, special interest groups, and thematic groups without the limitation of geographical space. The project aims to be the first step towards being a catalyst, leading community to be the practitioners of media rather than merely consumer of it. The objective here is to blur the boundary between those who have successfully negotiated the broadcast licensing regime and those who are either not in a position to or interested in doing so.

The Community Media Corridor is a dedicated internet bandwidth to carry audio across the web in the form of streaming media. It is NOT a respository of community generated content, like Youtube, which we believe leads to unethical aggregation and monopolisation of digital content. Any attempt at recreating corporate media model would be self defeating. In the first phase we are launching audio streaming to be followed soon by vedio.

So the question is who is the broadcaster and who is the listeners. The answer is simple... anyone who has a desire to communicate can be a broadcaster at a very nomical cost and anyone who has internet connectivity through their personal computer or GPRS enabled mobile phones can be listeners. With the arrival of 3G network in India the potential listenership is only set to grow in multifolds.

The Community Media Corridor also presents an opportunity for the existing community radio stations to be heard over the internet withouth any kind of geogrpahical limitation. Their daily broadcast can be heard live anywhere in the world. At the same time it opens a new ways of content sharing among radio stations.




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