AudioUnites is Community Media Corridor to promote independent community media. We enable community media groups or even individulas to run a internet radio station  and maintain streaming infrastructure. AudioUnites is also a place for community media networking. Here you can meet other practitioners of community media, share experiences and your work, post your requirements, find jobs and also share content.

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What is AudioUnites:

AudioUnite is a Community Media Corridor providing internet streaming facility to community media groups or individuals. AudioUnite is also a space for community media networking where you can meet community media practitioners, post your requirement, find assignment, share your work and expriences etc


Who can join:

Any individual or group which would like to broadcast programmes on deregularised media like including internet radio. Or anybody who is curious about the emergence of community media.


Can community radio stations in India join AudioUnites:

Certainly. The streaming solution has been designed and developped keeping the existing community radio station in India in mind.


Do I need any license:

No you dont need any license for running internet radio station.


Who is my audiance :

Anybody across the world who has internet connectivity. Your audiance can listen to your broadcast on a personal computer, I-pad, i-phone or even GPRS enabled phones. With the arrival of 3G network most mobile phones are going to be very powerful media receiver and you can reach out to them with your broadcast.


So how is different from Youtube or similar websites:

Youtube is essentially a content aggregation mechanism. To be able to broadcast on Youtube you have to upload your video or even audio to the youtube servers which are not under your control. In AudioUnite you are not expected to upload your content to our servers. Your will use our server only as a gateway to the World Wide Web. Your audio will be heard across the world streight from your computer. So you can even conduct live shows.


What do I require to start broadcasting:

Primararily you need nothing but access to internet and some recording devices. However to run a proper internet radio stations you need recording and broadcastin units. You can make them out of your home desktop or laptop computer. Or you can buy advance brodcating system from Nomad.


Do I need to build a studio:

Preferably yes if you have space and resources. Otherwise you may buy desktop acoustic booth made by Nomad.

Do I need to be techi to broadcast:

As a broadcaster you don't need to be a techi. Basic computer knowledge is more than enough.



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