AudioUnites is Community Media Corridor to promote independent community media. We enable community media groups or even individulas to run a internet radio station  and maintain streaming infrastructure. AudioUnites is also a place for community media networking. Here you can meet other practitioners of community media, share experiences and your work, post your requirements, find jobs and also share content.

Community Radio Stations

Community Radio Station which are broadcasting under the license issued by the government of India.

Gurgaon Ki Awaz E-mail

Gurgaon Ki Awaz is a community radio station in Gurgaon that addresses the needs of the hundreds of villages, semi-urban clusters, and urban slums that fall within a 10-km radius around Udyog Vihar.

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Radio Nagar E-mail

Radio Nagar is the first community radio run by and for commercial sex workers in Ahmednagar,  Maharashtra.

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Radio Nazariya E-mail

Ahmedabad based Radio Nazariya brings issues of Urban Poor in most interesting manner

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Radio Nomad E-mail

Radio Nomad brings some of the most striking sufi music from the subcontinent.

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Jago Mumbai

Jago Mumbai

"I see Shakti in it – The miraculous Power of God." --Mahatma Gandhi, on Radio.

The Jago Mumbai Radio Project successfully tested its broadcast signals on Maharashtra Day, May 1, 2010.

Currently charging the airwaves with a FOUR hour power packed broadcast, Jago Mumbai Radio will roll out its TWELVE hour format by the year end.

Jago Mumbai Radio proudly showcases local, home-grown community talent. Our specially designed shows in varied languages are both socially beneficial and promote our ecofriendly objectives. We aim to provide local administration with a broadcast tool to air important messages especially in Disaster Management situations.

Radio with its immense reach, penetration and cost effectiveness, has acquired tremendous power to stimulate the minds of masses. Jago Mumbai Radio aims to become an empowering tool to the many micro communities under its broadcast footprint.

Our on air programs and on ground events will mobilise the Community through both participatory and inclusive projects. These will positively impact them in overall development in the areas of education, sanitation, health and empowering through knowledge, to name a few.

We encourage citizen ownership and seek contributions to the project in terms of time, resources, talent and money. This will ensure our sustainability. We also encourage partnership of pertinent stakeholders like NGOs, Donor Agencies, Government and other Community Radio stations

Phase I of the project would not have possible without the incredible work of UPRA’s 11member Managing Committee, its 6 member Projects Committee and our amazing group of dedicated volunteers.

The Jago Mumbai radio project will empower its communities through regular workshops, training programs and internships that focus on various streams within the broadcast medium: Radio management, Radio programming, Content development & Production, Marketing, Sales & Promotions.

We are encouraged by the tremendous response of the community, the dedication of our volunteers, and the solid support by our elected representatives.

The Jago Mumbai Radio Project seeks to unify communities by encouraging dialogue, promoting intercultural exchange, addressing community issues, propagate environmentally friendly practises and be a successful working model for other communities to emulate.